The Atlantic Manor Failing by the Second

[Do Too; 2003]

Rating: 3/5

Styles: lo-fi, indie rock
Others: Beck, Sentridoh

There is wretchedness in human emotion that can envelop you and completely take over your mental and physical state. Most emotions are a reactionary effect of a positive or negative influence, extracting a commonly similar or opposite reaction. The Atlantic Manor’s new release, titled Failing by the Second, is a perfect human behaviour record. The history is simple; failed relationship leading to divorce. The Atlantic Manor is the outpour of Rick Sell, the mastermind behind the entire project. And by its lo-fi identity, Failing by the Second exemplifies a truly passionate and fiery adoration for unadorned creation.

This is a truly temperamental record. Song titles like “Every Thing Can Die Today,” “Suicide Jockey,” and “Broken Bones Heal” identify a struggling listen up ahead. Firstly, if you are completely happy with your life and you are having a wonderful day, stay away from this record. But if you are troubled by the mishaps of relationships, then this record is a recommended listen. The emotions of redemption are clearly evident and lead to unsolved questions on the entire record: “Is it my fault or is it yours?” “Did she have a cheating heart?” “Were we happy together?” Lyrics like “And we haven’t laughed in weeks/ I suggest that I may be to blame” and “We used to dance so close/ All the girls would watch/ And it was beautiful/ So I Thought” epitomizes the inner struggles of a human being trying to cope with the difficulty of relations in this world. And the record completely analyzes these struggles to a climactic magnitude.

Nearly everyone has suffered a broken heart (if not, do yourself a favor and get your heart broken). Failing by the Second is the perfect record after such incidences. Unfortunately, it isn’t a pleasurable listen for everyday life. Trust me, if you are happy with your life relations, please stay away from this record. It’s too sad.

1. Every Thing Can Die Today
2. No One Cares About Your Reasons Why
3. Falling By The Second
4. Strung Out Camp Talk
5. Lancaster
6. Suicide Jockey
7. Inside of Your Heart
8. Broken Bones Heal
9. Jack's Death Scene