B. Fleischmann The Humbucking Coil

[Morr Music; 2006]

Styles: ambient techno
Others: Color Filter, Isan, Bola, Howie B, M83, Four Tet

The Humbucking Coil shyly offers eight songs of patient electropop in a little green and manila envelope. Hissing, hushing cymbals clash quietly around oscillating bell tones and electronic minutiae that bubble across the mix in a gently rolling boil. It has its noisier moments, but these are easily anticipated; they don't startle. Each track builds slowly, unfolding in comforting, predictable patterns, like a favorite letter you've read a hundred times. Piano chords, sliding guitar figures, and sweet chimes slip in and around each other like soft old shoe laces. Only two tracks have vocals: "Gain" and "From To"; the voice is the (smog)gy baritone of a German uttering sentimental, stilted ESL lyrics: "I close my bedside table and dream of you so weird." These songs move with clumsy, earnest charm, like the date who steps on your toe while pulling out your chair for you. A languid mood piece with discreet variations, Coil is a pleasant, if homogeneous, listening experience.

1. Broken Monitors
2. Gain
3. Composure
4. First Times
5. Phones and Machines
6. Static Grate
7. From To
8. Aldebaran Waltz

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