Babyfather Cypher

[Self-Released; 2017]

Rating: 4/5

Styles: backmasked trash, narcosub, noise
Others: Dean Blunt, Blue Iverson, Hype Williams

i saw the best producers of my generation elevated by stuttering hi-hats, molly, and percocets, snarking, hysterical, faded,
dragging themselves out the bando, looking for another snare hit…
angel-faced ******* burning for the ancient gyration […]
who privilege and top-buns and dilated-eyed and high sat up freak folking
in the so-called originary darkness of africa
across the tops of cities contemplating company flow,
who bared their gains to heaven under the orange line and saw
djinn swaggering in anacostia illuminated,

At 2:50am: “He’s a terror.”

RECORDED VOICE MESSAGE: Sunday, June 12th, 2016. The time 2:03 a.m.
OPERATOR: Emergency 911. This is Joe on a recorded line. Hello, can anybody hear me? Hello? Sir, can you hear me? Hello? Sir, can you hear me?

.dnuos gnitluser eht gniyojne ,sdrawkcab “niaR” deyalp eh nehw hgih saw nonneL nhoJ taht dias s’tI .atamehcs orez htiw gniretsiger ,egami ron dnuos a sekam rehtien tI .agnirym eht ssorca rettulf edahs fo spilc elttil ,elbazingocer ecno ta dna etèrcnoc ylgnimeeS .nwonknu eht ,yranigiro eht ta serutseg ,euqinhcet lacisum a sa ,gniksamkcaB

Why will Paulinus become Palinarus if he pisses again? The answer lies not only in the fact that the two names are virtually anagrammatic echoes of each other, nor only in the threatening allusion to Aeneas’ pilot, who met his death by going overboard.

That’ll never sell. Withering self-criticisms — your own inner abattoir.

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