Backtearer & Why Be dc

[Janus; 2017]

Styles: mmorpg
Others: YYAA, Elysia Crampton, Sean Mccan, Maxwell August Croy, AdventureQuest Worlds

[Moderator]: Welcome to dc, Adventurer! This is the Inn, where you can select your class, barter with The Innkeeper, commence quests, or chat with the other brave souls of dc. Among those fellow Adventurers are Warriors, Paladins, and even Necromancers. In this dewy, pastoral sprawl of dc, we hope you feel free to meander through dense copses of proto-European mysticism (firs, furs) and resuscitated corpses of ethicized feudal aesthetics (hearths, hearts). This is an open space of worlding — a place for you to inhabit and spread-eagle, a place in which you can get comfortable in your own environment. Go ahead, talk to the Innkeeper. He’ll help orient you in this vast home we call dc.

[Tryme543]: get healer class cuz we need that against the frost elementals

[Luxurycommunism]: ok

[Luxurycommunism]: gotta talk to innkeeper first hold on

[Innkeeper]: Hello there, Adventurer, and welcome to dc! You and I, we inhabit a Janus-faced world, one cleft by the forces of Good and Evil. Sooner or later, you must choose a side. But first, you’ve got to level up a bit. No one wants you on the front lines looking like that! You’ll need to develop your skills according to a training regimen. To do so, select a Class.

[Luxurycommunism]: healer

[Innkeeper]: Wonderful! Both sides always needs something gentle to ease the labors and heal the scars of battle.

[Tryme543]: hurry i wanna play Dota 2

[Luxurycommunism]: hold on

[Tryme543]: dude u can skip the NPCs come on

[Luxurycommunism]: chill dude Jesus christ

[Moderator]: Whoa there, Adventurer! The world of dc is a wondrously rich place, but we’ve got a few ground rules we uphold to keep it so accessible. An affective lexicon of support for your fellow Adventurer goes hand in hand with the freedom to wander. There are a couple nerves we don’t want to strike, after all. Let’s work together to make dc a more comfortable space for every courageous soul that dare strike out here.

[Tryme543]: wut is taking so Long

[Tryme543]: *long

[Moderator]: Looks like another Adventurer is asking for your help! Here in dc, we pride ourselves in establishing ties that bind, in emphasizing the relations that constitute us and condition our endlessly personalizable world. We feel that the relations we forge and dutifully uphold are critical to our reality. Do you hear the citole? Another Adventurer is plucking those medieval strings, and yet another is cranking the hurdy-gurdy. This atmosphere, this presence you see as yourself — well, you’re not anybody without each and every one of us, each and every other Adventurer who contributes to your being. So sit here awhile, awash in the place we’ve furnished for you. Listen to the chords as they drift through the overtones. Each note suggests another, just as each requires an other to sound whole. Dc is not a game you play. Dc is the echoes of bygone attunements, reverberations that still rattle your senses and cajole your sockets. Foible? Just harp, creaking, and palaver. Without the others, we only pass through, pass by, pass away. Peter out. Being does not become without overlap. We entreat only one command henceforth: be.

[Luxurycommunism]: Why be?

[Moderator]: Because we are the staves, and we have strung you out.

[Fallen insider]: mind=blown

[Tryme543]: bruh omfg

[Tryme543]: thats’ it man

[Fallen insider]: *that’s

[Tryme543]: im leaving

[Tryme543]: cya

[Fallen insider]: yo u sign up for quests here

[Fallen insider]: lol

[Luxurycommunism]: haha thanks

[Luxurycommunism]: thats a sick staff

[Fallen insider]: yeah its rly hard to get

[Fallen insider]: wanna go to Lakeside Village? they have good weapons for farming looks like u could use that haha

[Luxurycommunism]: ok

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