Barbara Morgenstern The Grass Is Always Greener

[Monika Enterprise; 2006]

Styles:  synth-pop
Others: duo505, Lali Puna, Vanessa Carlton meets B. Fleischmann

In light of the work of Morr Music, it would appear that Germany is the place to go for electro-pop. Released on the equally notable Monika Enterprise, Barb's take on the genre is made unique by her own recurring piano — real live piano that shines analogue in a sea of Broadcast synths, simple keyboard melodies and bleeps, virtual guitars, and mostly programmed drumming. From song one, Morgenstern's piano adds a palpable tinge of elegance to her sound, complementing her warm vocal treatment of a notoriously harsh dialect. German is not the first language I would associate with mood-setting, esoterically funky electronica, but all of the elements here make that presumption a little too easy to forget. Even if you have some untold grudge against German singing, instrumentals such as the Nathan Fake-like progressive track "Die Japanische Schranke" give you no excuse for not letting the love grow inside you. As the title would suggest, The Grass Is Always Greener makes you appreciate the small things in life on your side of the fence.

1. The Grass Is Always Greener
2. The Operator
3. Polar
4. Das Schöne Einheitsbild
5. Unser Mann Aus Hollywood
6. Juist
7. Alles Was Lebt Bewegt Sich
8. Ein Paar Sekunden
9. Die Japanische Schranke
10. Quality Time
11. Mailand
12. Initials B.M.

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