Beans Tomorrow Right Now

[Warp; 2003]

Styles:  hip-hop
Others: El-P, Prefuse 73, Roots Manuva, Dizzee Rascal, Alias

Although I kinda hang my head in silence when I think about the big Antipop Consortium break up (ahem, creative differences), I feel like giving a big hug to Beans for being himself””I’m THAT excited about this album. I have been listening to APC since it was released, and since it was released, Beans hasn’t changed to please, which is very pleasing.

If you aren’t familiar with Beans or Antipop Consortium, please leave transport yourself back to a beatnik coffee shop on spoken word night with a beatboxer and a jazz ensemble. Sit and sip some coffee with your best friend, chill back a bit, and feel the APC ambience. Now picture a dude with a pink mohawk sitting down with a synth whilst getting lose on the microphone...that's Beans. He is one part Antipop Consortium, two parts poet, mixed with a splash of martian. He helped APC steer hip-hop; not necessarily a new direction, but in one all their own. Like others hip hop innovators, (see Company Flow), unfortunately APC broke up before we would have liked....but Beans is savoring some flavoring for us with this first release since the big break up.

He doesn’t sway far from his Antipop roots, which is very good for the sad fans who hate artistic differences. A Beans beat is ever changing, but overall they sound much more electronic than you would expect from a regular hip-hop artiste, justifying his home on Warp Records. His poetic-jumpy style is refreshing to the ears and his lyrics can keep the interest of several members of Mensa (at the same time!). In other words, if you are looking for bitches, ho's, and 40-owez, you wont find them here...just a rapper who isn’t trying to be different, he is.

1. Roar
2. Phreek the Beet
3. Mearle
4. Raping Silence
5. Toast
6. Hot Venom
7. Crave
8. Mutescreamer
9. Sickle Cell Hysteria
10. Booga Sugar
11. Rose Periwinkle Plum
12. Slow Broken
13. Xon -
14. Walking by Night