Bis The New Transistor Heroes

[Grand Royal/Capitol; 1997]

Styles: indie-rock, indie pop
Others: Weezer, Supergrass, Superdrag

Bis: 1 female, 2 males, equipped with superhero names "Manda Rin," "Sci-fi Steven," and "John Disco." A Scottish trio with candy-colored liner notes. Intriguing. Incredibly intriguing. Slicked back hair and faux leather beware: Bis play feel good music. The type of music that makes you wonder if you're in a Kool-Aid commercial. In fact, at any moment that big creepy pitcher could come crashing through a wall. But when it does, don't fear it. Don't fear the occasional high pitched squeal; don't fear the accents and 80's allusions. Instead, embrace the rare blend of intelligence and innocence, and embrace the simple-yet-satirical lyrics. For this is what the world needs more of: smart synth. I think you pretty much know whether you love or hate Bis after the first minute of the album. The female voice can be a bit abrasive at times, but the male voice neutralizes it quite well. If you can't deal with that, I feel for you because Bis will fulfill your sugar-coated dreams with candy cane lyrics and gumdrop beats, leaving you on an incredible sugar high. I'll leave you with this disclaimer of sorts found in the liner notes, next to the sarcastic, but more likely, sympathetic "Skinny Tie Sensurround": "So what meaning are we supposed to garner from this album? Political subversion, dashing social commentary, or just plain self-pity? Whatever the meaning, we want our music straightforward son. Die, Bis."

1. Tell It to the Kids
2. Sweet Shop Avengerz
3. Starbright Boy
4. Popstar Kill
5. Mr. Important
6. Antiseptic Poetry
7. Popyura
8. Skinny Tie Sensurround
9. Poster Parent
10. Monstarr
11. Everybody Thinks That They're Going to Get
12. Rebel Soul
13. Photo Shop
14. X-Defect
15. Lie Detector Test
16. Dinosaur Germs
17. Rollerblade Zero
18. Team Theme