The Black Lodge Bloody Hell Remix

[Asscrack; 2003]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: lo-fi hip-hop, electronic
Others: Anticon, DJ Krush, RJD2

Last month I had the pleasure of interviewing Single Frame Ashtray, a band from Austin, Texas, whose album proves to be one of the best so far this year.  One of the questions I had for them was who this Creepykid was that had remixed their song “Comm. Jet (Creepykid Remix).” He was referred to by the band as a “pasty, agoraphobic geek that likes pills, cheap beer, and David Lynch. He also creates some really crazy good artwork and is an evil genius with electronics.” That was enough to sell me on wanting to get a piece of the action. Not long after, I emailed this pasty Lynch-lover to see if I could obtain a copy of his CD.  Luck has it that these CDs were not for sale, but I was told that a free copy would show up shortly. (Man, I love free CDs!)

As promised, it showed up in a matter of days, and to my delight, there was another remix of a Single Frame Ashtray song, called “New Car Smell.” I also immediately noticed that there was a remix of New Order’s latest single, called “Crystal.” Okay, so at this point I at least new one thing before listening to the music: Creepykid likes David Lynch, beer, Single Frame Ashtray, and New Order. Sounds pretty much like me.  So, as I began to dig through this CD, the first thing I noticed was that most of the tracks bare a striking resemblance to the production styles of the infamous Anticon label. 

The first song, “Seeds [Texas Hog Mix],” is a remix by an underground hip-hop crew called Liquid Stereo Project, and is on par with any of the Anticon crew. I imagine a lot of these remixes are of artists who are still trying to make their way into the independent music scene. However, since most of them, like LSP, are unknown to about 99 percent of the population, it’s hard to compare these songs to the originals. Of the two artists I do know, I’m pretty impressed by the way Creepykid is able to take the basic sounds of these artists and manipulate the key components into unrecognizable versions of the originals. The track “Take Those Heads” contains a slowed down sample of The Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime,” and is actually one of the more interesting tracks here. For the most part, Bloody Hell Remix is a great effort. If lo-fi hip-hop is your thing, this is a highly enjoyable album. 

Note: You can contact Creepykid directly to obtain a copy of this CD. Cheap purchasing instructions are available through his site.                     

1. Seeds [Texas Hog Mix] - Liquid Stereo Project
2. Toks-ik - Scott Tiemann
3. Soundcheck - Southside
4. New Car Smell - Single Frame Ashtray
5. Crystal - New Order
6. The Hiding Place [demo]
7. Russell and Aaron Strike Back
8. Twofrontremix - St. Monday
9. Take Those Heads - Liquid Stereo Project
10. Salvage Reversal [Me Gridlock Mix]