Black Zone Magick Chant Voyage Sacrifice

[Shelter Press; 2019 ]

Styles: drone, magick, dark, hell
Others: Natural Snow Buildings, occultists, Sun Araw

I can see a dead fly in your cold brew, but you keep drinking it.

If you were serious about your initiation, you would have understood our command to kill an animal as, like, metaphorical.

It breaks my heart to feel from across the table your thoughts incinerating.

That clanging? That low hellish voice? That’s the music of choice for our meeting. That’s BZMC’s Voyage Sacrifice.

What would you like to hear instead? Some Illuminati shill? You think we want you to listen to the subaural waves in that Miley song? We’re past that trip. This is something else entirely.

I can pause this and play “Helter Skelter” if you’d prefer. You’d like to hear Prince? I don’t think that makes sense on this occasion, but soon.

Here, listen to this. That’s some thing else, isn’t it? What is he saying? It’s rattling the table a little bit…

But there’s a rhythm there. It clamps down, then lets go of your head, and you’re, like, gone.

No, yeah, there are three tracks on this album.

I think if we can get it to the right volume… OK.

OK, no, that’s not an insect, that’s in the song. “Where will we meet when our ashes are spread in the wind? / Crystal Monastery” — it’s 22:19 — 2+2+1+9 is 14, which is how old you were when you first read, like, Crowley or something isn’t it? He did add the K after the C in Magick, after all… So it’s like a sign for you, isn’t it?

Now if you would just sign here, we can formally begin…

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