The Bleedin Bleedins Life Without Computers

[Self-Released; 2005]

Rating: 2.5/5

Styles: melody-driven rock
Others: The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, The Bravery

The Bleedin Bleedins. Two Bostonians and one Dublin native. A trio who celebrates the power and triumph of a good melody and enticing harmonies. This is one of those occasions where the end product doesn't reflect the enthusiasm and promise of the band credo. Vague songwriting (plague-worthy nowadays), predictable song structures, and repetitive riffs throw the scales off in this band's equation. With their main concern being melody, it appears these other facets of good music fall by the wayside. It's unfortunate too, because there are some awful nice melodies on the album. The strongest melodies appear on "Darkest Day," "Weather," and "Don't Stop City." It's no surprise these standouts arrive in the first half of the album. By the second half, the wellspring has run dry and you've heard it all before. The melodies sound the same. One can get lost in the similarities. The Bleedin Bleedins mean well, but perhaps suffer from too heavy a focus on one particular area. But who am I to speculate?

More of the same, more of the same.

1. Tonight
2. Darkest Day
3. The Lights Are Out
4. Weather
5. Don't Stop City
6. Fly Me Home
7. Override
8. One More Minute
9. Running Again