Boards of Canada The Campfire Headphase

[Warp; 2005]

Styles: electronica, ambient, IDM
Others: Mouse on Mars, Dntel, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Mum, Squarepusher

Dear S,

This message concerns Boards of Canada and their new release.

It appears that Canada have lost a lot of weight for this one. They picked up a guitar and made things a bit more minimal, but the drums still beat just as you remember. The sound embodies this new theme wholeheartedly, without forgetting what Canada stand for. It's not treated like a guitar, but like any other device that creates a varying electrical signal that can be cut up, processed, and looped. Truly Canadian indeed!

But OH! The concept of this album! In the name of "Satellite Anthem Icarus," you can hear the crickets chirping and the crackling of wood; the river flowing and the echo off of the canyon.

It is the whirlwind of the forest nested in the desert, and the hallucination that unfortunately everything will be okay. And yet, how pleasant you will think it to feel like your "Sherbert Head" is seeing wide through Oscar's red eyes underwater. It's how you sometimes slip off of that rock and start to swim with the fish when you meant to catch it and burn it over the open flame. Then suddenly you arise from the river refreshed; not drenched, but damp, only slightly saturated because the sun has already evaporated most of the moisture.

Canada have crafted the pristine epitome of the good campfire in a time when campfires have been forgotten due to increased strumming of Sublime and Dave Matthews Band. I only hope that we can enjoy one of these new Canada campfires together soon.

Love from Istanbul,

Post Script: The Campfire Headphase is not a drastic change for Boards of Canada stylistically. Aurally, they focus heavily on guitars (employed incredibly inventively), and the mood is more uplifting and fun than dark and contemplative. Overall, it's Boards of Canada trying new things and experimenting outside of the box that they built for themselves; commendable and quite addictive.

1. Into the Rainbow
2. Chromakey Dreamcoat
3. Satellite Anthem Icarus
4. Peacock Tail
5. Dayvan Cowboy
6. A Moment of Clarity
7. '84 Pontiac Dream
8. Sherbert Head
9. Oscar See Through Red Eye
10. Ataronchronon
11. Hey Saturday Sun
12. Constants are Changing
13. Slow This Bird Down
14. Tears From the Compound Eye
15. Farewell Fire