Buck 65 This Right Here Is Buck 65

[V2; 2005]

Styles: weird collage rap
Others: Anticon, Sixtoo, MC Shan

So this is the album that is supposed to introduce Rich Terfry to the American public. With the success Buck 65 had with his first major label release, Talkin' Honky Blues, he's continuing the effort to get his name into the mouths and minds of music listeners everywhere. This collection of songs is just that -- a collection. This Right Here Is Buck 65 compiles a number of Buck 65 songs from throughout his career. This presents a number of problems, but still manages some good fortune.

Talkin' Honky Blues marked a shift in Buck 65's musical approach. Gone was the home-made, collage-style drumbreak and one-take charm that was perfected on Vertex and Man Overboard. Instead, he turned in favor of some hillbilly hop, embracing his lesser-known roots which people still aren't even sure of in terms of credibility. Nonetheless, the band does supply Buck with a different and pleasant sound. Despite his change in taste, many long-time Buck 65 fans are still checking for him. Many will be disappointed by this release, as Buck has chosen to re-record some of his most classic tunes.

Heralded songs such as "Bachelor of Science" ("B. Sc." here), "Centaur," and "Pants On Fire" have been redone with band accompaniment. Though it's kind of neat to hear these songs in different arrangements, they really fail to touch the brilliance and charisma of the originals. The recreation of these old songs should be limited to live performances.

Luckily for the new audience, this album works very much like a greatest hits package. Some of Buck's best songwriting is included on this collection. Tracks like "Phil," "Out of Focus," and "Roses and Bluejays" represent the quirky sentimentality that Buck has become known for.

Avid Buck65 fans will most likely turn their heads to this release due to its greatest hits/ramshackle/marketing scheme presence in his overall discography. This exact formula probably will function well with the new listeners, although it's hard to imagine someone appreciating Buck65 for all he's worth without being familiar with his earlier work. So we'll just forget this release and begin anticipating his next with fingers crossed.

1. Bandits
2. B. Sc.
3. Cries A Girl
4. Wicked and Weird
5. Centaur
6. Roses and Bluejays
7. Out of Focus
8. Talkin' Fishin' Blues
9. 463
10. Pants On Fire
11. Phil
12. Craftsmanship