Bucket Full of Teeth IV

[Level Plane; 2005]

Styles: hardcore, death metal, ambient
Others: Orchid, Morbid Angel, Naked City

Having only played six shows in their short career, Bucket Full of Teeth would, at least on the surface, seem to have made up for their lack of time on stage by pumping out four different releases in only a couple years' time. However, these numbers are deceiving, especially when one realizes that the releases are comprised of three 7-inches and this most recent "full-length" album, IV, which clocks in at 16 minutes 8 seconds. Also worthy of note is that about half of the 12 tracks comprising IV are aimless ambient meanderings that seem to serve only as aural palette cleansers between servings of violent hardcore abuse. While some 'core lovers may find the brevity and the steep peaks and valleys endearing, it seems to make for a rather uninteresting listen in my opinion. If I want complete assault on my hearing, I'll opt for some truly aggressive black metal (which I hardly ever do). If I want a montage of textures that includes such assault, I'll go with Naked City or early Mr. Bungle for some true variety of sound (a more frequently chosen road for me). But this comes off as a rather weak melding of the two schools, and a short melding at that. Having said this, it's apparent from the moments of intensity that the players are skilled and have honed their explosiveness into tightly coordinated compositions. As this appears to be the death knell of BfoT, it will be interesting to see if the now former members are able to channel their talents for more interesting purposes in the future.

1. Imperfect Vibrations
2. Capital Distracts and Imprisons
3. The Dream Continues
4. A Morbid Gathering
5. The Path
6. Comfort Made Us Passive
7. Error Is Progress
8. Confessions
9. The Present, Forsaken
10. A Hopeful Sound
11. Embrace the Current of Time
12. Let Us Resonate

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