Burmese Men

[Load; 2004]

Styles: noize, thrash
Others: Whitehouse, Swans, Eyehategod

AHHHHHHHHH!HH!H!H!HH!H!!H!HH! SAVE ME SAVE ME! San Fran's Brumese are here, and they ain't goin' way. OH FUCK NO >> 2 drums + 2 basses. Mike! Mark! Mike!! And of course Mark!! Recorded by Weasel Walter (FLYING LUTTENBACHERS 4EVA!!!!!!), Men is the album you play whilst eating your beef lo mein with side order of cheese curds. The album you put on when you want melody, harmony, and a good ol' dose of SENTIMENTALITY. Rapewar, indeed!! If ugly were sonic, this would be it. Men simply doesn't let up, and it's only 21 minutes long!!! It's not all screeches and skronks, though -- there's some rhythm AND some sense of structure, so for you noise fiends who need something comfortable to hang on to, at least there'll be some moments for ya. Think punk with a bigger pack of beer and some headless horsemen to tow. OH ME OH MY!! ATTACK ATTACK! BURMESE (Mike-Mark-Mike-Mark) is on its way, pissing on you thumbsucking monkey lovers. Though it's a bit too much like Whitehouse (they have a homage to them called White) and Swans, Burmese are certainly on to something. SO FIND YOUR COPY AND JUST SAY CUNT!!

1. Rapewar
2. Preyer
3. Thumbsucker
4. Headmaster
5. Shut Your Mouth... I Paid for the Hour
6. Just Say Cunt