Clinic Walking With Thee

[Domino; 2002]

Rating: 2.5/5

Styles: indie rock, krautrock, post-punk
Others: Can, Pixies, Radiohead

With an incredibly strong debut album and a slew of EPs under Clinic's belt, the anticipation for follow-up, Walking With Thee, undoubtedly met with high expectations. Although Clinic's newest proclamation may be less infectious and distinguishable than its predecessor, the album still meets most expectations and chucks in a few unexpected treats of its own. Most of the songs can trace back to any given song off Internal, and there's no denying the obvious "Pop Goes the Weasel" influence rubbed off (ripped off) on album closer, "For the Wars." But Walking With Thee discerns itself from their older catalog and children songs by augmenting their surf-meets-Krautrock-meets-punk-meets-garage-rock with an eerie ambience, evident on opening track "Harmony" and throughout most of the album. Furthermore, the chord progressions deployed on Walking With Thee are more surprising and creative than on Internal Wrangler, which in turn results in the strangest of melodies. Though cohesive and consistent throughout, Walking With Thee comes off a bit tamer than the spastic Internal Wrangler. It still manages to sound somewhat unpredictable, coasting on interesting rhythmic patterns and creative time signatures rather than flashy studio flatulence, but it sounds like Clinic is being indecisive in which way it want its music to go. But I'm willing to bet that Clinic has a plan or two up its sleeves, like Gambit, or some shit.

1. Harmony
2. The Equaliser
3. Welcome
4. Walking With Thee
5. Pet Eunoch
6. Mr. Moonlight
7. Come Into Our Room
8. The Vulture
9. The Bridge
10. Sunlight Bathes Our Home
11. For the Wars