Cobra Killer 76/77

[Monika; 2004]

Styles: electroclash, mutant disco
Others: Peaches, Bumblebeez 81, Le Tigre, The Vanishing, Royal Trux

Despite the debatable fact that Cobra Killer pretty much started the whole new wave, electroclash revival thing -- it is true that Peaches' first gig was opening for these girls -- the sound of 76/77 certainly carries a lot of Nancy Sinatra go-go '60s edge. This overtone best shapes the wholly theatrical image made by the album, giving it a plastic, anachronistically vintage mod aura, at least on the more lounge style tracks; while the rest are bar-stomping, electro-rock firecrackers. Although the female duo's third album is blanketed by their obvious German heritage, they are not inaccessibly enamored by it. In addition to influencing former Canadian porn-cum-electro star Peaches in her formative years, Gina V D'Orio and Annika Line Trost's drugged-out synths, singing, and sampling the likes of indie-country legends Southern Culture On The Skids for the spy, surf, teen bikini party theme "L.A. Shaker" has also earned them the admiration of Sonic Youth lead singer and guitarist Thurston Moore, so they are capable of crossing over. At their best, it's like hearing Warp's Broadcast covering Death By Chocolate; and at their worst, they're ignorable, so it's a pretty solid installment. Plus, they actually sing three tracks entirely in German so you could get some free lessons out if it provided, of course, you don't find their singing in an almost dehumanized, broken-mic fashion a hindrance to your education.

1. Let's Have A Problem
2. Mund Auf - Augen Zu (Stecker Raus, Ich Dreh' Durch)
3. Chemie des Alltags
4. L.A. Shaker
5. Tenthousand Tissues
6. Without A Sun
7. High Is The Pine
8. I Like It When It Burns A Bit feat. Eric D
9. Needle Sharing
10. Ledercouch
11. Cobra Movement
12. Heavy Rotation
13. Yes, I'm Finished.