The Constantines Shine A Light

[Sub Pop; 2003]

Rating: 3/5

Styles: indie rock
Others: Oneida, Spoon, Tangiers, Guided by Voices, Broken Social Scene

The Constantines, Guelph Ontario’s new indie rock darling have been creating an overly excessive buzz in Canada right now. Everyone has covered and praised the quintet on the success of their sophomore offering Shine A Light. But through the media glitz and abundant coverage conceal the true evidence of the band's recent album release. After several listens and ongoing analysis, the only true conclusion to Shine A Light is that this album is good, but not great. What has become of the Constantines is what happened to the Strokes no more than 2 years ago. The media salivates for new blood to expose and the Constantines have become the target in Canada. But remember, the product must be well managed and Shine a Light is truly hit and miss.

The album starts off with great promise with the heavy driven thump of "National Hum," creating a direct and effective connection with the listener, exemplifying the real key components of the Constantines previous success. Power, energy and melody are evident very early on the record and are also the focus of the Constantines dreamy and catchy self-titled debut back in 200 1. National hum
2. Shine a light
3. Nightime/Anytime (it's alright)
4. Insectivora
5. Young lions
6. Goodbye baby & amen
7. On to you
8. Poison
9. Scoundrel babes
10. Tiger & crane
11. Tank commander (hung up in a warehouse town)
12. Sub domestic

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