Controller.Controller X-Amounts

[Paper Bag; 2006]

Rating: 1/5

Styles: disco-rock, dance-punk, post-punk
Others: Dance Disaster Movement, Death from Above 1979, VHS or Beta

Don't let the Paper Bag label designation fool you — this ain't no Broken Social Scene. They might be Canadian, but let's go down through the clues, shall we?

Scott's Disco Punk Band Checklist:
- Crappy band name: check (actually I'm surprised they have the balls for this as there's already a not-all-that-distant [and better] outfit called Transistor Transistor)
- Buzz-phrases in press release: "erotic," "gyrating hips," "frenetic post-punk," "frenzied disco beats," "dirty and forbidden," "staccato rhythms"
- "This is a band that called its first EP History, thus setting it along a continuum of music past, present and future."

Ok, so it's not always fair to hold what some PR hack wrote about a band in their press release against them, but you already know what this sounds like as well as I do. It sounds like every other goddamn band that bought a Gang of Four record and cut the neck holes out of their Urban Outfitters shirts on the same day. Maybe they didn't get the memo up in the Great White North yet, but please, for fuck's sake: stop.

1. Tigers Not Daughters
2. PF
3. Poison/Safe
4. Rooms
5. Future Turtles
6. Straight in the Head
7. City of Daggers
8. Heavy as a Heart
10. The Raw No
11. Magnetic Strip