Cursor Miner Cursor Miner Plays God

[Lo; 2004]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: electronica, ’80s revival
Others: The Faint, Broadcast

I find it ironic and somewhat disheartening when I was requested by my editor to review Cursor Miner's Cursor Miner Plays God. I understand that I am one of the oldest contributors to this website, but I can't help but think this was intentional. You see, I grew up in the '80s. Cursor Miner IS all about the 80s, musically. Like I expected after listening to the opening track, titled "War Machine," I spent the entire duration of the album reminiscing about those precious times. Fuck me! It really did take me back! Cursor Miner Plays God is the illegitimate bastard child of Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Gary Newman. Spiced with a little A Flock Of Seagulls, Love & Rockets, and even New Order, Cursor Miner plays futuristic dance music filled with elastic fun and retro worship. The vocals on the record are enigmatically robotic, suspended amongst the electro soundscapes and synth rhythmatics. The coldness and inflexibility of the vocals on "War Machine" or "Man Made Man" resonate beautifully amongst the luscious accompanying noise collage. Bleeps and tweaks add texture to songs like "Gizmo Kid," giving further proof of how much fun '80s music really was back in the day. A perfect homage to the sound of an unexplainable era, Cursor Miner successfully mirrors and mimics the traditionalism of respectful music creating. In fact, the only drawback of the record will be its ability to connect with today's young music generation. Most will associate themselves with the following decade of '90s grunge and post-electronic music, wondering why Cursor Miner's music is so closely imitating an era they don't belong to at all. The connection may render most listeners to disregard the record as nothing more than novelty. But if you are looking for clean and unadulterated fun, Cursor Miner's Cursor Miner Plays God is a perfect accompaniment to those high school reunions or your trip to the local candy shop for 1-cent gummy bears.

1. War Machine
2. Man Made Man
3. Gizmo Kid
4. The Sport Of Kings
5. Foetus
6. Me & My Clone
7. Library
8. Hi Tek Weaponary Girl
9. Clear My Head
10. Metathon
11. LSD
12. Grilling The Cheese