Dedekind Cut (f.k.a. Lee Bannon) American Zen

[Hospital Productions; 2016]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: displaced blame, delicate catharsis, modern anonymity
Others: Diamondstein, Bret Easton Ellis, Lee Bannon

Yes, I figured it out. To be thick and real: American Zen by Dedekind Cut on Hospital Productions is not the type of release I’d regularly listen to. The title itself sorta cleverly reflects the album’s lack in replay value; I mean, isn’t American Zen a mirror-defining term that ironically celebrates the “I need it now” culture demanding peace while *neck vein bulges*? Like, I have this pal Fred who has poke-and-stick tattoos all over his face-breast-cheek-neck-&-head, because it’s his culture. He lives in “meth”ville (his term), and he and his family are living with plenty of [morally burdening lessons to learn from]. Now, he owns a house at the ripe age of 21. He has a sig-nif I’m infatuated with both IRL and in my dreams; Fred invited me and Savannah to his and Amber’s wedding this September. So to tie it all in: I respect Fred and explained to him how I write reviews, but he told me I’m an asshole. American Zen is how my friend Fred lives the perfect life through simply accepting its ups and downs. Serenity through the “same-old” class lifestyle, within the middle of nowhere, feeling like the land is completely his. I respect (RE) this living-by-waiting lifestyle, so Ima provide some headings in my review of American Zen, because I want to be crystal in this cloud:

American Zen is knowing I am imperfect

Imagine escaping inside a controlled state of dimensional being, much more than a lucid dream. As if there’s some sort of surgical therapy that could lacerate a pulse within a human’s mind to unlock the secret we’re all looking to personally solve: WHO AM I? Along the lines of how scientists are decoding DNA for longevity and predetermined purposes, only this is an operation to open a person’s third-eye. American Zen is the moment you’re experiencing physical emotion alone by building a synapses of memory that eventually pulls together all the loose ends in life. Through sound, Dedekind Cut will be holding your hands. Because even when we become exact, the word proof will liberate all our imperfections.

Dedekind Cut made Dedekindcut - BHM/N3D when Mom wasn’t home and threw the trash bags with beer bottles and roaches in the schoolyard around 4 AM

The cleansing process of each person is unique, but collectively — as a society — it’s more of a straightforward, branded scent that lingers, as if beckoning noses were actually a pickup line. Personality demographics judged by the way they waft. But seasons will still bring in the bloom-and-doomed smells of Earth. Architecture on a scale of intricacies that only a careful, fully absorbed voyeur can dissect. Become the point-of-view behind the camera on the couch watching another direct this human to shoot a gun without hesitation on television and brush off the depth of death that murder brings. American Zen is the inhalation of fantasy. A country dedicated to the dollar. How much will you make off Dedekind Cut, and the history of Lee Bannon and Hospital Productions?

Dedekind Cut is closed downwards, Lee Bannon is closed upwards, and Dedekind Cut contains no greatest element

Suggestion: never sell yourself short. Materialization is a 3D printer you can’t afford. Fold into another way out. How come you got that maniac grin? Again, it’s just the music. Feeling like transposed time is as tangible as a dream you’ve mixed up with an actual memory. Eventually seeing Jonathan Dean again and feeling like friendship exists as a moment is complete, like intentional serendipity. American Zen is the squeak of a stool. Both brims just slightly crooked. Dedekind Cut is in the apartment. It’s a pulsating feeling, but mostly a leak that you know Earth doesn’t naturally make in these parts, so why? So water the plants! That green will come back. Head to Chinatown. Canal Street, OBVI. They got the 4-for-5 plant food deals. We’ll all be sorry when philodendron rules the world. Nothing can stop the next gen now. Hip hop.

The Bengals win, dipshit

*100-emoji*: sports fans are the living embodiment of agita. Or people who are really into politics. All living creatures have an internal stress meter. Like, I want to find time as matter. Actually, Marty McDoc that shit to The Future so copyright laws are more LAWLZ than ™. Even considering a generation is of ego. Behold, American Zen isn’t the text you were looking for within SELF. Dedekind Cut is (RE RE) *100-emoji* not your savior. It’s a dream you wish were RElivable. Tangible evidence of “This exists, look!” Proof as muse to imagination when one needs inspiration the most. That fickle arrival of heartburn around REM sleep. American Zen is here. Reflective and patient. Mingled in vines that chastise a practical museum of who you are and what you’ve become. Is tonight the night?

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