Dirty Projectors New Attitude [EP]

[Marriage; 2006]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: cut and paste indie electronica (?), noise-pop
Others: Nobukazu Takemura, Slowly Minute. Xiu Xiu, Captain Beefheart

In the midst of "Fucked for Life," the first song on Dirty Projectors' New Attitude, Dave Longstreth gives a muttered aside to the listener: "But check this out, yeah:" before careening once again into his remarkable falsetto'd warble. It's a testament to the control the mostly-unknown Longstreth has over an audience even outside of the live setting – we're waiting expectantly and eagerly for his guidance over each unforeseen twist and turn of Dirty Projectors' music. Who sees "Imagine It" coming – or can even interpret it: what is this tinny 80 BPM chipmunk shit, anyway? Who cares? It's cool.

New Attitude was originally designed as a tour-only EP, and it seems like that sort of thing: a grab bag of stuff from which snippets were likely played at the show one just witnessed, and a not-unwise purchase to supplement the full catalog one already owns. I can hear him doing the James Brown-style call-and-response shouts over "Two Young Sheeps" in a live setting, even if the musical bed he's shouting atop is about as anthemic (and musically similar) as an Ariel Pink cut. "Darkened Car" is syrupy, warbley, and gorgeous like my favorite Dirty Projectors songs ("Hazard Lights," for instance – another song about cars). If you like Longstreth's other work, it's safe to say you'll like this. New Attitude is short, but more or less sweet.

1. Fucked for Life
2. Two Sheep Asleep
3. Imagine It
4. Likeness of Uncles
5. Two Young Sheeps
6. Darkened Car
7. To The Mall

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