The Dismemberment Plan The Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified

[DeSoto; 1997]

Rating: 5/5

Styles: post punk, indie rock
Others: Les Savy Fav, Burning Airlines, The Plastic Constellations

The quirky quartet's second album The Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified completely annihilates the term sophomore slump. Mr. Morrison's vocal styling on this album are at their most experimental and work very well over the rambunctious music. The use of dynamics are key to the sound and go much further than their exclamatory first album ever did.

Right from the start, you will notice their rude and aggressive demeanor as they begin spitting in your face and calling you names. Songs like "Academy Award", "Bra", and "Do the Standing Still" show off the Dismemberment Plan's most interesting guitar chops, serving you a knuckle sandwich with everything on it. They proceed to stomp your head in to the pavement, as you try to remember all the lyrics to the second verse in "Tonight We Mean It".

While you and your tattered limbs lay there bleeding on the cold concrete floor, "Respect Is Due" slowly regains energy. After 11 minutes into the song, you hear the footsteps coming back. And just when you thought you were dead, the album gives you one final blow. The album just kicked your ass. You then use every ounce of energy left to start the album again.

1. Tonight We Mean It
2. That's When the Party Started
3. The Ice of Boston
4. Acadamy Award
5. Bra
6. Do the Standing Still
7. This Is the Life
8. One Too Many Blows to the Head
9. It's So You
10. Manipulate Me
11. Respect Is Due