The Dismemberment Plan A People’s History of the Dismemberment Plan

[Desoto; 2003]

Rating: 2.5/5

Styles: post punk, indie rock
Others: Les Savy Fav, Burning Airlines, The Plastic Constellations

First thing everybody needs to know about The Dismemberment Plan’s A People’s History of the D-Plan is that it isn’t a greatest hits package. Furthermore, for anyone who wants to introduce themselves to the sounds of the D-Plan must clearly stay away from this record. A People’s History of the D-Plan is a remix record of some of the greatest D-Plan songs from their entire discography. The band made this record possible by asking fans to take their precious songs and concoct a remix to best exemplify the diversity of the group. This collection of songs is tremendously singular and inventive but only remain a deconstruction and reformation of songs that didn’t require any metamorphosis at all. And what becomes of this album is mere gimmickry and novelty.

A People’s History of the D-Plan will certainly become a clear black and white issue to all D-Plan fans. You will either hate it due to it’s complete destruction of the songs or you will accept it as an album dedicated to the openness that the D-Plan has with their fans and their musical ability. Most D-Plan fans will own this record because they own the complete discography, but the album will certainly never become the centrepiece of the record collection. Albums like Emergency & I and Change are completely beautiful and become the bookends of the band's complete work. So most fans or new fans should keep clear of this remix album and focus on the stronger and more complex work of the Dismemberment Plan.

This album is for die-hard fans only, and for them, this album is a truly brilliant self-giving by the band. Please take my songs and make them your own. Not many other bands will agree to go forth and do such a thing during their final tour prior to dismemberment. But A People’s History of the D-Plan becomes the bands history by song name association only, as the album includes perplexing and completely irrelevant remixes of some of the best songs by the band.

Personally, I’ll be taking each individual album that I own by the D-Plan and create my own personal mix tape. And I’ll call it “Wolfman’s history of the D-Plan”. And I urge every fan to do the same instead of buying this album. Then you will definitely know who the D-Plan were and what they contributed to music during their long, yet too short career.

1. The Face Of The Earth
2. What Do You Want Me To Say?
3. Academy Award
4. Following Through
5. The Other Side
6. Life Of Possibilities
7. Pay For The Piano
8. Time Bomb
9. Automatic
10. The City
11. The Jitters
12. Superpowers

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