Drake Equation Dirty

[Dope Lotus Music; 2003]

Rating: 4/5

Styles: Instrumental hip-hop, Independent hip-hop
Others: RJD2, Prefuse 73, DJ Shadow

The future is now. In this brand new world of technology and heralded micro-sensibility, many individuals take hold of the futuristic approach to life and fully submerge themselves into technological boundaries. Musically, few artists realistically portray the future and its ultimate conquest. Dope Lotus Music is the home of Drake, a beat-savvy, instrumental hip-hop player that summons up many comparisons to Def Jux’s beat innovator RJD2. But as RJD2 envelops the dirty and grimy sound of instrumental hip-hop, Drake has taken a more sterile and brusque method to create a truly inventive record, titled Equation Dirty.

Equation Dirty is digital, sampling an array of organ drones accompanied with crisp beats and humorous sampled soliloquies. The album continues at a rapid pace, featuring many intricate and technologically demanding musical derivatives. Though the record is mostly instrumental, it is truly captivating and all-encompassing; it takes you into a futuristic world of musical warfare. Polished and sophisticated, Equation Dirty is one of hip-hop’s most surprising instrumental albums. Although not as refreshing and absurd as any work from Prefuse 73, Drake has created a truly impressive debut record full of admirable music. And to assist in the success of the record, Aesop Rock volunteers his vocals on one of the two tracks with vocal accompaniment.

Drake’s Equation Dirty signifies another milestone for hip-hop. Branching and interconnecting with various musical styles, Drake has continued to represent instrumental hip-hop as a truly inventive form of music. Sometimes music does not require words to best explain the emotional outpour of an artists. All it takes is passion and technology.

1. In
2. Crisis
3. Strange Visitors
4. Drum One
5. Late night Drinker
6. Hyper interlude
7. NM2
8. Devil's Comeback
9. Inner city hustle (remix)
10. War ship god
11. Grass
12. By myself
13. 1979
14. Sub empire
15. Out