Electric Six Fire

[XL; 2003]

Rating: 1/5

Styles: disco, cock rock, novelty rock
Others: Weird Al, The Darkness, Queen + Paul Rodgers, Crash Test Dummies

I have a confession to make: I always found Weird Al Yankovic extremely funny. He has the ability to twist any musical genre and send a message to music fans that underneath every style of music, fashion and disposition is a straightforward and extremely humorous parody. While musical parodies are extinct these days (except for Weird Al’s stellar Poodle Hat, ha ha ha ha!!!!!) Electric Six have written and performed one of the most perplexing and burlesque records with Fire.

Electric Six got the attention of the media almost instantaneously with the release of their Jack White collaboration single “Danger! High Voltage”. Admittedly, I found the single catchy and entertaining and hoped that Electric Six would follow up with an album worth listening to due to the fact that my Hot Hot Heat’s ake Up the Breakdown album was getting a little worn down. But unfortunately, Fire, the full-length release by Electric Six, is soaked with too much satirical, synthetic 80s retro funk that defined them as nothing but a mere rock band living in the past. Songs like “Gay Bar” and “She’s White” may cause anyone to snicker for a moment, but regrettably, the album on a whole is so sad and redundant that anyone who appreciates 80s music (yes there are some of you out there) should consider listening to another band. (e.g. place the name of your favourite 80s band here __________.)

Electric Six may be trying too hard to redefine its indie musical approach by borrowing from the decade that brought us styles and fashion that most people find highly comical and laughable in the status quo. I think I still have my fat laces somewhere around the house. So in conclusion, indie music lovers are laughing at you, Electric Six. Just remember, the 80s also brought us Weird Al Yankovic! Now that’s a musical parody. So I’ll be placing Electric Six’s Fire in my pile of albums that I give to someone I don’t like (with my Whirlwind Heat album) and I’m going to go dust off my Weird Al Yankovic records from the shelf. Now that’s some funny shit!!

1. Dance commander
2. Electric demons in love
3. Naked pictures (of your mother)
4. Danger! High voltage
5. She's white
6. I invented the night
7. Improper dancing
8. Gay bar
9. Nuclear war (on the dance floor)
10. Getting into the jam
11. Vengeance and fashion
12. I'm the bomb
13. Synthesizer