Enon Believo!

[SeeThru Broadcasting; 2000]

Rating: 4/5

Styles: underground rock, indie rock, retro punk
Others: Brainiac, Helio Sequence, Pixies, Blonde Redhead

There's a lot of history to this band, despite that this is their debut album. Most of it stems from the fact that their lead singer used to be in Braniac, which was getting to be a pretty big time electronic-experimental rock band before their vocalist/keyboardist Tim Taylor tragically died; forcing Brainiac to break up. Anyhow, Enon is John from Braniac's new band, and Believo! is an Enon album, not a Braniac one. John teams up with ex-members of Blonde Redhead and Skeleton Key to produce another weird experimental pop album. This is one of those try-it-first albums; download a song or two before you decide if this is for you. Me, I like it, but it can irritate as well. The songs here are pretty damn catchy, but Enon seems to throw arbitrary electro-noises and effects into the mix just for the hell of it. It gives the album a feel all its own, but at times comes off as gimmicky. Still, songs like "Come Into", which sounds like Pavement on acid, and catchy tunes like "Get the Letter Out" make Believo! a worthwhile trip. 

1. Rubber Car
2. Cruel
3. Conjugaste the Verbs
4. Believo!
5. Come Into
6. Matters Gray
7. Get the Letter Out
8. World in a Jar
9. For the Sum of It
10. Elected
11. Biofeedback