Everlovely Lightningheart Cusp

[Hydra Head; 2006]

Rating: 3/5

Styles: free-folk, noise, post-rock
Others: Jackie-O Motherfucker, Mogwai, GY!BE collective

Let's talk pretentious: "Have you heard the new Everlovely Lightningheart?" Damn. This band is a SoCal collective that does live A/V performance pieces and painstakingly records each one to document their own breathtaking awesomeness.

Everlovely Lightningheart (sometimes known as Faith in Vapors Thin as Paper, symbolized in some circles by the image of a three headed unicorn) is an entity capable of producing, perverting, destroying, distributing, stealing, and selling a vast and sprawling array of existing as well as currently unheard of forms of cultural products and concepts.

My irony detector may be fucked up, but instrumental adlib-rock is usually a mile away from poking fun at itself. Don Caballero song titles aside, this stuff is generally the vision of knit-brow sobriety, and ELh's music, at least, bears no trace of a smile. So please excuse me if I laugh at your band for referring to your own goddamn selves as "some circles."

Anyway, this is 40 minutes of sound collage, and though the band doesn't really succeed in mastering anything but the most basic post-rock watercolors (eerie slow parts and earsplitting, uh, 'angry' loud parts), it's pretty cool. Apparently, the metalheads at HH are down, so crossover points apply. Overall, nothing new but actually sort of winningly adept, or as winning as this kind of thing is gonna get.

1. Cusp