Flying Flying EP

[Self-released; 2005]

Rating: 2/5

Styles: boy-girl indie, indie folk
Others: The Microphones, Jim O’Rourke, Gastr Del Sol

Up for review: a 3 song EP by the band Flying (who are based either out of NYC or New England, from what I can tell by the tourdates on their website) that made it into our esteemed editor's hands and then trickled down into mine. This three-piece provides three songs for a ten minute total running time. "Last Trick" is a quiet-loud pastiche with a healthy sense of whimsy; "My Mission" is a Microphones-aping strummer with fey female vocals; and "Forbidden Sands" brings both the male singer from the first track (whose nasal, Typical Indie Nerd voice fits pretty well with the Microphones comparison) and our lady friend together, along with some jingly percussion, whistling, electronics, and handclaps. This last song is Flying's best track, but still isn't something I'd be anxious to listen to, as it doesn't go much of anywhere. This is pretty much something you might pick up for a couple dollars if you liked Flying's live set, of which I cannot form a conception based on these three tunes. Not much to report from this angle.

1. Last Trick
2. My Mission
3. Forbidden Sands

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