Friends Forever Killball

[Load; 2003]

Rating: 2.5/5

Styles: noise rock, experimental rock
Others: Lightning Bolt, Hella, Mindflayer

Friends Forever is probably the best idea for a band that I've ever heard. First of all, their name is amazing. The Denver band plays shows from their van, parked wherever is most convenient, and filled with fog and bubble machines. Their pyrotechnic-heavy shows are more performance art than concerts. They managed to release 137 full-length albums in 2001, and Killball is a concept album about a futuristic football game in which the players are hopped up on PCP and armed with knives.

Notice that I haven't mentioned the music yet. To be honest, Killball sounds like a parody version of Lightning Bolt; there are the dense, repetitious sheets of noise, inscrutable yelling (though some of this is discernibly crowd noise or, in one case, "UNICORN POWER!"). Yeah, this is a really funny concept album. But the music... oh, well.

1. Carnisaur vs. Unicorn
2. Win
3. Linebacker Blitz
4. Charge!!!
5. 3 Peat (March to the Lockerroom)
6. Halftime Band
7. 2
8. Arise
9. Elway
10. 2 Minute Warning
11. PCP Rock
12. Winners