Gabriel Yared / Underworld Breaking & Entering [OST]

[V2; 2006]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles:  techno
Others: Leftfield, Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier

Reviewing a scored soundtrack is not the same as reviewing a "regular" album by an artist, which is made even more difficult if you haven’t actually seen the film. I still feel the sting of disappointment I built up after the soundtrack to Godzilla led me to believe it would be a half-decent film (even through the pot haze of my existence, a cursed experience that haunts me to this day). Nevertheless, that’s where I’m at... with a score to an imaginary film. For the January-released Jude Law feature film Breaking And Entering, director Anthony Mingella (Cold Mountain, The English Patient) enlisted supreme techno gods Underworld and the Academy Award winning composer Gabriel Yared to help create and bolster the mood of the star-studded film. From what I can tell, this is going to be a serious flick, with moments of tension and sadness. The '80s rave style of Rick Smith and Karl Hyde takes a back seat to Gabriel’s Passion Of The Christ orchestral ambiance, but it is their subtle synths, unobtrusive beats, and ethereal effects that push Yared’s organic foundation to the next level. Though often extremely mellow by Underworld’s standards, the Breaking & Entering soundtrack is a captivating work of understated orchestral-electronic beauty that would surely garner another award for Gabe if the Academy was not, as Krusty The Clown put it, a “bunch of old know-nothing dinosaurs [who] wouldn't know talent if it bit them in the... hey, hey.”

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