Georgie James Demos At Dance Place

[Self-released; 2006]

Styles: indie pop
Others: Q & Not U, The Occasion, Young & Sexy, The New Pornographers

There's a pretty dense shadow cast over the fortune of the Georgie James experiment, a meeting between prolific D.C.-area singer-songwriter Laura Burhenn and multi-instrumentalist John Davis. This is caused from the impossible-to-overlook fact that Davis' last gig was drumming for the now defunct Dischord notables of Q & Not U. From that alone, expectations are bound to be a pretty high. In order to test the water and tease up some interest, the duo pieced together seven odd demos recorded near the largest Catholic Church in the U.S. for a self-released EP. Stylistically, they present a pretty wide range of summery retro pop here, in contrast to most new retro Franz bands that follow the "hard and fast with one contemplative slow song" formulas to the letter. Demos At Dance Place are actually demos, though, so they can occasionally sound that way. This whole EP could be just a little tighter considering the caliber of talent involved, but I'm sure that'll happen by the time the announced full-length finds a label... and it will. You've not heard the last of Georgie James.

1. Need Your Needs
2. Long Week
3. More Lights
4. Aftermath
5. Places
6. Hard Feelings
7. Cheap Champagne

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