Glenn Kotche Introducing Glenn Kotche

[Locust; 2002]

Rating: 5/5

Styles: indie rock, experimental rock, avant-garde
Others: Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Loose Fur, Jim O’Rourke

First of all, a warning for potential buyers: If you are a fan of Wilco who is looking for more of the same in buying this release by their new drummer, think twice. On the other hand, if you like all the untraditional sounds and texture of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot AND one of your favorite things about the Loose Fur cd is the fantastic grooves integrated by Kotche, I definitely recommend this cd. The centerpiece of the album is the appropriately titled "Stagger On", an approximately 22 minute exercise of percussive instrumentation like you’ve never heard. Kotche combines both acoustic and electronic percussion, and on this piece, help from cellist Chris Tesluk. From a stark beginning, "Stagger On" works its way up to what seem like infinite layers of surprisingly melodic texture, only to be torn down again and rebuilt with amnesia in regards to the previous melody. The other three tracks, "Cheju", "Wading Pool", and "Mask", are relatively low key and at times, ethereal and meditative, but always delectably cerebral. A final word of warning to seed your mind with curiosity: For the love of everything holy, when you get to 11:34 on "Stagger On", turn it down!

1. Cheju
2. Stagger On
3. Wading Pool
4. Mask

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