Gonzales The Entertainist

[Caroline; 2000]

Rating: 4.5/5

Styles: electronica, underground rap, trip hop
Others: Cex, Eminem

Gonzales' music can’t really be pinned down. The Entertainist sees Chilly reworking and reinventing rap and Hip Hop for the 21st, while the album prior was a selection of luscious pop ballads. While all other competitors are stuck rapping gangsta style or recycling old classic rock tunes with "uh-uhing" vocals over the top, Chilly has produced a groundbreaking record. His only obvious peers are Beck and Eminem, but this record is a much more contorted beast. Whether sampling, rapping, aping or dissing, Chilly is always one step ahead of the rap pack, which causes everyone else to seem tame. The album swerves from serious jokes to cold calculated art murder. Chilly attacks everything and makes no apologies. He raps: "And if this sounds like Eminem, well it does cause I can sound like any of them." On "Candy" he chastises a PR girl "for sucking on the dicks of the four Warner Bros." He attacks technology slaves on "Futuristic Ain’t Shit To Me": "You’re not a whiz-kid, you’re just futuristic, futuristic ain’t shit to me, it ain’t shit to me." On "No Beats" Chilly goes on to attack his own record. He warns: "It used to be that Peaches rolled the joints and Chilly made the beats, but now times have changed." This is an important track as Chilly vows to go on rap strike for a year. So get it while it’s hot.<

1. Candy
2. The Worst Mc, Pt. 2
3. No Beats
4. Futuristic Ain't Shit to Me
5. This One Jam
6. Cum on You
7. Meditation
8. Feedom Freestyle
9. Higher Than Thou
10. The Name They Gave Me
11. So What da Fuck?
12. Figga Please
13. Prankster Fly
14. Ain't No Stoppin' the Poppin'

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