Grant Langston Road Side Service

[MSG; 2004]

Rating: 1/5

Styles: country, americana
Others: Lyle Lovett, Pat Green, Robert Earl Keen

Somewhere between Toby Keith and good country music sits Grant Langston. He isn't corny enough to record an album called Shockin' Y'all, and he lacks the overdone southern drawl. Grant Langston is too smart for mainstream country. He uses words like "cynic" and "rendezvous." He also writes songs with lyrics that say: "Cause, you've got something up your ass been living there so long it feels like we've got a roomate [sic] baby." If that isn't enough to charm your pants off, skip to the next track, the one that suggests we're all "born to die" because we don't "get enough James Brown." Oh! If only we'd known that 2000 years ago when Mary went through all those sex-out-of-wedlock accusations -- we'd have an immortal James Brown instead! If you can get past the lyrics you'll notice the music -- not too bad. It's mostly commonplace country pop with a little organ and harmonica tossed in for character. It's forgettable, non-offensive fluff like I, Robot; you might get through the 50 minutes and not skip, but you won't hear anything to make you come back. Chances are, you won't get past the lyrics in the first place. Music snobs often turn their noses up at artists who, while talented, don't write their own music. Let us recognize, however, a very important lesson taught by Grant Langston: you can have the ability to sing and play guitar and lack the ability to write a song. Suddenly, Toby Keith doesn't sound so bad anymore.

1. Junkie
2. Over the Hill
3. Him or Me
4. My Wandering Ways
5. James Brown
6. This Town Stinks
7. The Story of Me
8. Crazy Fireworks
9. Fat Bottom Girls
10. Carolyn Garner
11. Long Legs, Great Lips and Baby Blue Eyes
12. Secret Rendezvous

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