Henrik Rylander Traditional Arrangements Of Feedback

[iDeal; 2004]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: industrial techno, experimental, minimalistic post-rock
Others: Pan Sonic, Icarus, Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music

Just so you know, you will probably have to like this kind of music to... like this kind of music. The third solo release and first on iDeal from Swedish born Henrik Rylander is the absolute epitome of chorusless analogue noise broadcast at varying sinful depths of gut rumbling magnitude. On the surface, all of these... um... songs, I guess, are just a collection of fuzzy bumps falling over themselves again and again. But with each revolution, Rylander reveals a little more of the virtuoso within himself, continually tweaking the littlest of sounds to good effect. And with his constant metallic fine-tuning and grinding subtleties, he shows a surprising amount of sophistication and dirty elegance. To him, white noise is but a canvas. Although, as the title suggests, Traditional Arrangements Of is composed completely of feedback (by running it through all of his various FX processors), Rylander forms consistent and entirely innovative beats some of which, in the right setting, could probably be danceable. From a current standpoint and with the memory of Jimi Hendrix still fresh in our minds, there isn't much traditional about this, but who knows? Maybe this will be what future generations will recall as one of the classic albums of a burgeoning genre. Pretty impressive from a man who drummed for what would become pop rock also-rans The Soundtrack Of Our Lives. I sense creative differences were involved.

1. Formations Of Feedback trad. arr.
2. Repetition
3. Forced Laugh
4. Danceable Solution II
5. Transmission
6. Carnivore
7. Destroyer
8. Flange
9. Time Delay Time
10. Speaker As Microphone To Speaker

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