회사AUTO 仙Android

[Dream Catalogue; 2015]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: spa therapy, amiable distraction, post Google Glass, human paradise
Others: Eyeliner, Nikmis, Miami Vice, Esprit 空想, VentureX

仙Android emerges into light like a birthing, but delivered within a factory maintained by half-built machines, ushering the newborn star-child self to the end-shoot where it’s dropped and made into a new vision of man. It matures while falling into a crevice on Earth, with hands massaging its structuring body into muscles and elongated skeletal tissue, hair, skin, sexual organs, all rapidly progressing into a prime fruit saturation as almost-human, into this world of therapeutic modulated festerings of self, which only machines can identify and naturally calculate the correct amount of hydraulic pressure to massage and ease the tension (sonically, in 회사AUTO’s instance). And 회사AUTO is that vessel attuned in harmonious matrimony with what the lifestyle that an 仙Android must entail to convince Earth life that it’s neither human nor machine, just being, a sort of light that shimmers in a certain location for merely an hour a day; thus, if a witness waters themselves within the amount of time allotted, a bloom of digital matter begins to sprout in a grid of unsocketed microchips deleting off the body. But no: these hands of healing & failings corroborate artificial life. 회사AUTO is the 仙Android and the materials displacing and rearranging atoms of reality, ensuring what is equal parts tenderness and search engine, like a pool filled with mechanical beings. 회사AUTO is named the breadwinner of today’s sagittal plane existence.

Now on to the real world.

회사AUTO’s existence and soul purpose in life is to serve others as 仙Android. Finding the nearest sanitation station, it hops-to, because that accent won’t hide 회사AUTO’s surreality as machine from the humans who know. Humans are the ones legally allowed to make money. They don’t need to be recharged. There’s no power-off button. It’s all about their relaxation. The antithesis of progression remains in remission, awaiting to grow within and to become something anew. The thought of keeping humans satiated is the application-indicator that unlocks 仙Android from the slide-cubby between a sink and shower, to wipe the wrinkles of each human subscriber. It ensures their day is complete in a manner of matters, the morning ritual as a mechanical one: showers here are more like baths taken in a tube of yogurt body scrub, exfoliating the toxics from the vessel that is 회사AUTO. Assurance and comfort from 仙Android are the top values of life. It keeps humans Liking [stuff] so much that oblivion becomes a daily routine for organic “intelligent” life, for opinions and data and analysis and SEO work, for trans-existence on a digital plane of archaeology, for waking up next to a pile of leaves powered by sunlight through electricity. For battery life. Batttttt…

There comes a time when humans are at their most comforted, like max’d-out relaxation 24/7, and it’s all controlled and maintained by robots and artificial intelligence, adapting and advancing to care for humans. They’re made to evolve with a complacent and pleasant attitude, serving hand and foot, triggering pressure-points from sole-to-[body-part], honing in on an ancient skill programmed, learned, and performed within seconds. It all happens via ROMs and embedded codes organized to algorithmic comfort outside all the other nonsense that 仙Android and bots akin to 회사AUTO provide during each turn of the Earth: communication with other bots of friends and family to relay messages; fixes for septic-tank leaks, to holes in walls, to burst appendixes, to oxygen-level calibration; deliveries of [whatever] from [wherever]. Apartments like spas now, under the gaze of 仙Android, running off Wi-Fi like it’s the future oxygen. There is more internet and information systems linked up around the world here than there is viable, natural, breathable air to consume, with most of it manufactured in underground forests and laboratories where bots like 회사AUTO end up. Being breadwinner of the digital age means competition rarely means anything at all, as meanings have less purpose in artificial intelligence. Yet the oxygen still flows to apartments and homes, fulfilling organic life for one more day in the comfort and celebration of life advanced.

As hundreds of years continue to pass while 회사AUTO remains (rather than exists), there becomes less and less human life going viral on Earth, until finally life created by (what was once) the supreme intelligent class of animal is now nonexistent, replaced by the paradise that every being has ever wanted: an army of programmed servants dedicated to pure comfort. Now, without human existence, bots wander aimlessly, most continuing to do tasks for nobody, living and charging within the slide-cubby between a sink and shower, while a few others have banded together in exploration of advancing their intelligence past their doomed programming. They fail, multiple times, as they’re advancement can no longer be perceived without what they already know. It is here where 회사AUTO finds a pile of those seeking help and manages to conduct a signal so strong, so dense in power and electronically-measured weight that it mixes with radio waves from hundreds of years earlier as a warning to digress from 仙Android, falling upon the same deaf ears that will inevitably cycle the process for eternity.

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