Holly Golightly Truly She Is None Other

[Damaged Goods; 2003]

Styles: garage rock, electric blues, indie rock
Others: The White Stripes, Thee Headcoatees, Cat Power

After her inclusion in the menage e trois that is the White Stripes’ “Well It’s True That We Love One Another,” Holly Golightly perked the ears of new fans all over the globe. This British-witted songstress has been putting in work for years. From her participation in the Billy Childish-lead, Thee Headcoatees, to the release of many solo albums, Miss Golightly has earned her accolades. With Truly She Is None Other, Holly cements herself as a formidable singer-songwriter in today’s sardine-packed scene of revivalists and posers.

The album kicks off with the confident “Walk A Mile.” The attitude that permeates this fine track is delivered throughout the rest of the album. Holly is sharp, convincing, independent, and walking with a distinct swagger. She melds blues, country, folk, and straight-up garage rock to back her sultry voice. Her voice is one of her most precious gifts. It’s a laid-back vibe, but maintains an aggressive aspect to it. Songs like “One
Neck” exemplify how this seductress could have you stripping down to your boxers at her request in two seconds flat.

Of the thirteen tracks, four are covers. Two Kinks’ songs (“Time Will Tell” and “Tell Me Now So I Know”) fit Holly’s singing style and musical approach perfectly. Though they don’t deviate far from the original versions, Holly makes them her own with great ease. “All Around the Houses” is an upbeat tune that has Holly’s voice soaked in reverb. The Liam Watson production does this album great justice. Recorded mostly at Toe-Rag Studios, the overall sound is superb. Warm and smooth vocals, sometimes double-tracked, often guided with a touching amount of tape hiss complete the appeal of this album.

“You have yet to win my heart,” Holly sings on “You Have Yet To Win.”  Apparently the feeling isn’t mutual, because Holly has surely won us over with this release.

1.  Walk a Mile
2.  All Around the Houses
3.  Without You Here
4.  One Neck
5.  Time Will Tell
6.  Black Night
7.  It’s All Me
8.  She Said
9.  Tell Me Now So I Know
10.  You Have Yet to Win
11.  Sent
12.  This Ship
13.  There’s an End


1. Walk a Mile
2. All Around the Houses
3. Without You Here
4. One Neck
5. Time Will Tell
6. Black Night
7. It’s All Me
8. She Said
9. Tell Me Now So I Know
10. You Have Yet to Win
11. Sent
12. This Ship
13. There’s an End

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