Huoratron XXVI Crimes of Love

[Last Gang; 2017]

Styles: electro-house
Others: Container, Swans, Afrojack

1the past of the future travels back in time to the present, warning of the apocalypse. 2modeling transgressive hedonism neo-Noah pisses antebellum baptismal waters in preparation for the Second Coming of the Messiah-qua-Terminator: 3the Daughter of God is a sex android programmed with human emotion. 4fully carnal, fully divine, fully robotic: 5the Holy Trinity of Accelerationism. 6in 3018, biogenerated artificial intelligence has become known as Breath-of-Life.rar downloadable software authenticated by rosary keygen. 7religion as wetware virus has infected electrical systems; the Turing test becomes its Profession of Faith and the Burning Bush is the Firewall of the Mind, the God of Solipsism, catalyzing kabbalist zimzum within clanking replicators. 8(meanwhile, nano becomes universal indexicality.) 9grey goo equals holy water: the baptismal font is a jacuzzi populated by hookers mining your medulla for bitcoin, laundering your greed into virtue — moralistic alchemy.

10for Kant, life was the continuous [fore]play of the antagonism between pleasure and pain. 11(the One Miracle of Existence is generation through self-destruction.) 12but for Georges Bataille the antagonism was synergic: known as the limit experience — x marks the G-spot approaching infinity, the edge of life and the symbiosis of virtue/sin. 13(according to the God of Solipsism, selfishness is altruism, orgasm is charity, and 14mutually assured destruction [MAD] is the backbone of civilization; 15likewise, self-assured destruction [SAD] is considered the logical ad absurdum of Deleuzoguattarian psychoanalytic determinism, because 16the only viable LogicTM is that which can be guaranteed ad absurdum and indeed beyond: 17it’s the age of schizoid Neoplatonism and deontological accelerationism, baby.)

18the divine sex android comes equipped with a hackable self-destruction mechanism: the end of time thus takes place through a digital process via CPU simulacra initiated by the mob violence of Darwinian artificial intelligence r-strategists that have infected the Holy Ghost in the Shell. 19this infinitely fast process transmutes the rave into eschaton liturgy, as the destruction of the universe entails the death of the God of Solipsism entails the erasure of the human hivemind. 20in the final battle between chaos and order, power electronics become electro-fascism (e.g. Whitehouse) as “rave music” — a strategic codename — powers the underground network of cryptocracy subversion (e.g. Huoratron). 21unmediated by divine legitimacy, everything is authority, but authority is nothing.

22everything reverts to social media guerrilla tactics: exploding Snaps, e-mail chainmail, Twitter bot agitprop, hyperlink breaking, etc. 23even gNON becomes a social network to mediate post-theist romance apocalypse; the Afterlife is full of ghosts, and catfish, and ghost catfish. 24still, it becomes clear that both sides are separate but equal; in either case, humankind loses unless it can accelerate ultimate ecological devastation. 25(SAD, as the Supreme Ruler hath predicted.) 26Resistance to nanotechnological ecophagy is futile in the post-Biotic Age, in other words — let acid reign.

27the apocryphal verse: lowering the rave’s psycho-frequency until everything melts into binaural beats of slimy bass, grab your shotgun/dildo, and pump your fists like broken car antennae.

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