Hyatari The Light Carriers

[Underdogma; 2005]

Rating: 4/5

Styles: minimal metal
Others: Melvins, Neurosis, Sunn O)))

Assembled as a seven movement composition, Hyatari's The Light Carriers offers a concise tour of everything I like about metal, and just about nothing I dislike. The first two tracks comprise of a sludgy drone reminiscent (and then some) of Sunn O))) that gradually works itself into a riff. Eventually a drum (machine) enters the mix and we settle into slow motion krautrock as interpreted by the Melvins; a monolithic dropped-d riff that manages to almost-hypnotize in spite of its heaviness. Things pick up a bit of steam, as we head into the fourth movement we're into Neurosis territory. The drum machine goes a bit tribal nudging the riff towards its powerful potential. The last three movements throw in bigger doses of dynamics and melody (though not much more) to bring things to an epic Isis-style conclusion. Keep in mind, however, though there is some dynamicism, these movements all revolve around a single riff. As such, the use of a drum machine highlights that, though the riff is still king in metal, percussion dictates how it will feel. While Hyatari possess compositional strength, no doubt, The Light Carriers has called attention to the commonality amongst the different metal bands I enjoy; more than anything, I love the sound of low-sludgy bass and guitars distorted to hell. On the flipside, I get to enjoy that sound without having to sit through guitar solos, cheesy vocals, or excessive double kick drums. With The Light Carriers, Hyatari has managed to pull off a lengthy composition that is as enjoyable to listen to (well, enjoyable if you like the phrase "doom-laden") as it is to consider the way it is structured.

1. Sheet of Flames
2. Freeform for the Disenfranchised
3. The Light Carriers
4. Fourth Realm
5. 14,000,000,000 Years Ago
6. Harvesting Sod
7. Collapse

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