I’m Not A Gun Our Lives On Wednesdays

[City Centre Offices; 2004]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: post-rock & techno
Others: Kinski, Rerverbaphon, Mono, Tortoise, Rainstick Orchestra

I'm Not A Gun is the collected five year efforts of John Tejada and guitarist/classical composer Takeshi Nishimoto. Tejada has slowly built himself up as one of the most adaptable and busiest men in electronica today. He has released six solo albums since 1999 and joint albums with both Arian Leviste and Titonton Duvante; he has mixed and produced the likes of Daedelus, The Postal Service, and The One AM; and he's a member of Lucid Dream (ambient techno) and Mr. Hazeltine (IDM). Pretty much every track on Our Lives on Wednesdays, the second album from his Gun project, contains the main elements of smoothly played electric guitars floating in and out on a dream keeping time with more upbeat drumming and basslines beset by some manner of unobtrusive glitch or IDM technology. It's a heavenly joining of a tranced-out Orb and a funky Tortoise. Often you are sent adrift on an iceberg coasting a minimal soundscape plain before rambling to a "Tomorrow Never Knows" (The Beatles) at three-quarter speed frequency. Our Lives On Wednesdays should appeal to any post-rock and ambient techno fans, as it's surely not aggressive enough to interrupt your reading nor is it submissive and boring. Though, you may need a bong blast to get into it. Ganja makes post-rock spring to life. At least give "Every Moment Is Ours" a shot. It's like a breakbeat remix of Mogwai. Pop drones, beware.

1. Walk Through Walls
2. Every Moment Is Ours
3. Slowly Discovering
4. Off In The Distance
5. Words Speak And Choose
6. Champion
7. Sundays Will Never Change
8. Scenes Of Someone Else
9. Never Meant To Be
10. Stable Soundwaves

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