JAB Erg Herbe

[Shelter Press; 2019]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: ambient, new age, drone, electro-acoustic, minimalism
Others: Les Halles, Stars of the Lid, Midori Takada, Huerco S., Dedekind Cut, Spencer Clark, Christina Vantzou

“safe in sound”

taps of fingertips
fanned out
tamped up
good ol’ muss
long grass curlicues
questions and spots
marks and dashes
goldilocks fawn
on brilliantly articulated droplets
rivulets riveting
siphoning hush
absorbing sunlight
a massive cresting pour
feeding you halfway
meeting eyes you dab the dew from
listing for a fine horizon to squint on
destiny’s phantom limb
won’t break our falling
in big dumb love again

fusses and mutters
must and measured inhales
practiced reverence
tender selection
exhaust valve stoicism
“reaching for the sky just to surrender”
at the mere mention
dustmite clatter
infinite industry on mute
and the terror still screaming
of immediacy
of intimacy
of trust
of vulnerabilities undiscovered
of grace itself
blithely flourishing
when all, by our dedicated neglect
should be lost
the earth past wandered
tarrying tired by every broken bridge
and derelict building
tethered to an all-consuming wonder
putting us at the mercy
of such impossible, desolate beauty.

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