James F!#$%^ Friedman Go Commando

[Defend; 2005]

Styles: dance mix, club mix
Others: DJ kicks series

This mix from New York DJ James F!#$%^ Friedman starts off with a tandem of perky tracks, one from Annie and a spry effort from PJ Pooterhoots (what's in a name?), but then slides into some more self-serious Germanic throbbing, buxom basslines dominating the mood and mix with a somber hipness that endures up until the Freeform Five cut. From there on out, the selections are eclectic and playful, a grab bag of pattering conga dub, alloyed robot funk, and even a remix of Tom Vek. Said robot funk comes courtesy of Photocall, who offer up my favorite track by going for the android vocals with all of their motherboard hearts. Friedman completes the circle in the last track by Zombi, a song that kicks off with spiralling astral synths and finishes with some more of the bpitchy beats that anchored the first half of the disk.

This baby's only out on CD, so I'm assuming more designated for home listening than club spinning, but the vibe of those first tracks is a little hermetic for your casual get-together — it's better suited for a study session with your closest techno enthusiast friends. Things get more interesting when Friedman opens it up a little and lets the vocals come out and celebrate. Despite some really entertaining passages, my guess is most of you dance music fans could cobble together a mix from your own collections that would be as coherent and compelling as Go Commando. Pick this one up if you are looking to find some new names to round out your playlist.

1. Annie - Me Plus One (Rapture / Hushhush remix)
2. PJ Pooterhoots - Milky Rippers
3. Franz and Shape feat. GD Luxe - This is the Way (dub)
4. Who Made Who - Space for Rent (Rapture / Hushhush remix)
5. Tomboy - Maggie and Samira
6. DJ T - Galaga
7. Bloc Party - Like Eating Glass (Black Strobe Mix)
8. Tiefschwarz - Wait and See (Gucci Soundsystem mix)
9. Freeform Five - Eeeeaaooww
10. Photocall - Silver Clouds
11. The Knife - Pass This On (M.A.N.D.Y. Knifer mix)
12. David Gilmour Girls - Skelter Skelter
13. Out Hud - It's for you
14. Ray Mang and Foolish Felix - Who Said Dub
15. Tom Vek - Nothing but Green Lights (Kaos mix)
16. Zombi - Sapphire

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