Jeff Witscher Approximately 1​,​000 Beers

[Salon; 2018]

Rating: 4.5/5

Styles: country
Others: Reinald Wrangler, text to speech voices

We at tmt have necer reviewed an album by jeff wotscher made udner the name jeff iwtchers. A bti abserd a bit absrud. P00001111000. For hebhas rrleased mah. A pretty oenny. Pooly Pocket ln a seing. A hang lands right on my shoulder like a bird And saueeezes it a friend. Bud Off in the range the oersoective shifts makes me a big dizzy and all of my languages bet scrambled im looking at the letters not at the worss the long ones she weote in a tree that holds it eeight hnder the a bmue blue sky dark clouds roll in therse days been so confusing like not even a place i know we ralk about t how in the aupermarket iwould go to almost every eday i learned he words to triuble words to “trouble” after hearign it over snd over it again therr is a type of freedom k letting thinfs break downi dont knoe if tr inckination is a osrticualrly very american one likea cliche liseke ona businessn card “i put my heart is and my soul into my work and a have lost my mind in the process btut he quaiotation amrk tyas stays open the squotation mark does not close if thr mist i take s very long oause preciosiky i teied afraid to undertand this phonetically im going svry fast sitting in bed on his computer in a cowboy hat my roommate went to texas and came back wih teo airs of wrsnglers and a shirt of two from the cowboy store there was a hot momeny a hot second a hot minute just you wait eight damn there just wait right s godsn minute thhere well just hold up just a gooddman minute right there son this is jow the rale should be entering phases ofndeconstruction i just typed back i broke my ow rule i forogt what inwas doing here a sudden soark of a sumple idea and carrying it through to some edning condition thise numbers earlier were me oretendijg to erite what i wrote brfore in binary code the way my mind dfaults to software a little bit random almost deltednthat bit but what stays and what goes in skeme way an rnding is suoeffluous and completing is flerringm fleeting an ending is superfluous and completion is fleeting that felt almost iperstic typing operativ operatic tyoijg typing that felt almost operatic now a phrase repeated like a vocie ina cono in a canon a motif a phrase unable to get out ofn one’s heard repeated in escalating drama i want almost the ideas to come througj whats that thats and an ego whats that thats an ego it can. It keep going all the same ill loook at the screen now im ill do a better job this is actually crazy when i look at the screen instead of at my din fingers typing on my ohone phone keyboard i am getting a lot leas less errors im actually a bit shook by this decelop development because it soeak soe speaks to a total programming ir ma or maybe just lots of r practice of lookijg lookijg we understand looking when i typ e iy it with a j how much slippahe slippage is acveptable snd how much van can still be assembled or skipped into a form of comprehension because of that way that our minds oiece try to piece together and collect themsvles agsinst all odds sometie s it doesnt work sometimes it breaks down together if i keep contrasting the typo against the non then if u see this movement wnough times you may not even need the non i am thinking of the typo as a twan g twang sn thet and also by watching the keyboard and its oositioning ive got to be hienst at this point honesty makes me ant to stop looking at the screen again so i will say i ahvent acuslly listened theough the album whole just yet ive only heard bits and oieces on the knt rn on the internet although i have it the object its sitting right over there on too of my boombox oatiently wsiting <


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