Juliana Hatfield Made in China

[Ye Olde; 2005]

Styles: grrrrrl power (in the most crass way imaginable), guitar-rockin’
Others: Liz Phair, Sheryl Crow, Avril Lavigne

The title Made in China alludes to the fact that Juliana Hatfield made the record "very fast and very cheaply." Great. Glad to hear that, in a marketplace filled with girl-with-guitar records, you're vying for my $15 dollars of beer-money by pumping out product with as little attention to detail as you can muster. The best way to describe this record is as follows: former '90s indie-princess decides it's time to cash in by making the blandest rock ‘n’ roll record possible, spits out 40+ minutes of childish, self-absorbed crap, slaps a "provocative" cover on it, and waits for the checks. In short, what we have here is a poor man's Liz Phair.

1. New Waif
2. What Do I Care
3. Stay Awake
4. On Video
5. Hole In The Sky
6. Oh
7. My Pet Lion
8. Going Blonde
9. Rats In The Attic
10. Digital Penetration
11. Doe And Two Fawns, A
12. Send Money

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