Kerrier District Kerrier District

[Rephlex; 2004]

Styles: disco house, tech house, house house
Others: Metro Area, Daft Punk, Kompakt Records

No one likes a show-off. So why does Luke Vibert decide the time has come for him to take a thousand bedroom producers to task and effortlessly create a great house album? Kerrier District is indeed the work of Luke Vibert who helped progress downtempo music as Wagon Christ, progressive drum and bass as Plug, and now house music as Kerrier District.

Kerrier District is a nice collection that comes on the heels of last year's Metro Area CD. A disco-house mix that always finds an audience during hot, sweaty, summer dance clubs, the album mixes elements of reggae and dub on "Silhouettes," Daft Punk-esque analog synths on "Let's Dance and Freak," and early '80s New York disco on "Illogan."

I imagine Vibert got sick of all the attention garnered by bedroom house producers over the last few years. Vibert's way of setting the record straight isn't to start a beef. Rather, he anonymously releases a full-length that equals anything that the house scene has put out over the last few years. No marketing, no hype -- just great 4/4 house music.

Whether you enjoy the electro-tinged "Disclix" or the disco vocals on "Yesco," Kerrier District is a perfect summer release that would set the mood of your house party perfectly this summer. And if you see Vibert in the street, punch him in the face for being such a smart-ass talent.

1. Let's Dance and Freak
2. Silhouettes
3. Illogan
4. Disclix
5. Disco Bus
6. New York
7. Yesco
8. Negresco
9. Wide Vice
10. Squaredance

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