Kitty D.A.I.S.Y. rage [EP]

[Self-Released; 2013]

Styles: rap
Others: Kitty Pryde


how should i start?

should i be honest?


some nights i try on clothes for over an hour.

nothing ever fits right.

i have to roll every pair of jeans i own because they’re all too long.

i don’t like how my legs look when i wear dresses with short boots.

i don’t know how to pull off printed leggings.

should i even go out at all?

who cares about the weirdos in this lame town anyway?

even when i drink, i don’t like talking to anyone.

i don’t know how to be charming.

i don’t know how to be bold either.

i’m too quiet.

too shy.

and some nights, everyone drives me crazy.


no matter where i end up, i’ll probably hide outside and smoke.


mom, if you’re reading this, nothing like that ever happens.

i don’t smoke.

don’t worry about me.

i still don’t know what to write.

i don’t know how to write about music.


how about this:


i’ll spray paint my name across the whole town

and pretend i’m a badass.


i’m leaving soon anyway.

but i’m not leaving with anyone.

i don’t even like anyone.


that isn’t true.

but it’s mostly true.

i could look rad with someone who wears very skinny jeans and sweaters,

who likes going to loud shows,

who likes talking shit about people.

do i sound ridiculous?

i don’t know how to be honest.

i don’t know how to be clever.

at all,


i’ll try to say it all like kitty,

but i can’t.

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