Laslow Men are the New Women

[Rusted Nail; 2004]

Rating: 2/5

Styles: post-punk, indie rock
Others:  Sleater-Kinney

This album came on CD-R in a photocopied cardboard sleeve announcing this particular edition as the "Friends-Only" version of Men are the New Women. The back of the slipcase has been accidentally copied backwards, making the tracklisting impossible to read without aid of a mirror. For the PR world, Laslow has made this a DIY project (or, one might say, Phun with Photocopying), and, as friendly folk, will provide a DIY recording guide upon request to ambitious but poor bands. As for the tunes, Men are the New Women sounds like an underproduced (naturally) take on Sleater-Kinney. The drums are too high in the mix and the vocals and guitar are too low. There are a couple good riffs, and there is a good amount of material here. As previously mentioned, the circumstances here are reasonably inspirational -- with a little hard work and a touch of luck, anyone at all can get their shit out into hands far and wide. Maybe Laslow can take the money they saved this go around and buy some studio time. The spirit is willing, but the ears resist.

1. Brick
2. Coyote
3. Weirdo
4. Champa
5. Evil
6. Facade
7. Turbo
8. Brain
9. Magdalene
10. Postmodernist

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