Les Georges Leningrad Supa Doopa Remix EP

[Troubleman Unlimited; 2005]

Styles: experimental, psychotic-electro punk, lo-fi
Others: Erase Errata, Sun City Girls, Caroliner Rainbows

Les Georges Leningrad is a trio from Montreal who has kicked up a hell of a racket over the course of two full-length albums. Having proven themselves able noise mavens, they have now released that oddity of many a band's catalog... that's right, a remix EP. This is essentially a CD single, offering three remixes of "Supa Doopa" from Sur les Traces de Black Eskimo, along with the original version and a previously unreleased track. Being the most catchy and danceable tune on the album, "Supa Doopa" does seem the obvious choice for such a treatment. It's a propulsive electro number defined by Poney P's endearing but deranged vocals. Suffice it to say that the term Supa Doopa is thrown around a lot. So, has my interest in remix EPs rekindled? Sadly no. Ultimately, the remixes, while palatable, don't really expand the idea of the original song as much as they seem to construct new, less inspired tracks. Fellow Montrealite Akufen offers the most interesting remix by dividing the song into microsamples and reassembling them into a bouncy microhouse confection, but it really bears the least relation to Les Georges Leningrad's sound. All tracks (except for the unreleased original) retain the marking of the vocals, but ultimately, the original shines above all of them as the most vital and infectious. Ultimately, if this EP succeeds in any way, it is to convince the listener that Les George Leningrad are the best artists to handle Les Georges Leningrad's material.

1. Version Originale
2. Akufen Soutien-Georges remix
3. Magas remix
4. Ghislain Poirier remix
5. Mein Name Ist Eva Brown

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