Lil’ Eazy E Rebirth Of Gangsta Rap

[MixUnit; 2006]

Styles: grave robbing idiot rap
Others: Lil’ Romeo, Lil’ Bow Wow, Lil’ Tupac, Lil’ Notorious B.I.G.

As you may have guessed, Eric Wright Jr. is the son of the infamous Eazy Muthafuckin’ E. Eazy passed away due to AIDS in 1995, one month before junior’s 11th birthday. Seeing first-hand just how well that whole gangsta rap thing worked out, junior grew up, got real big and strong, dug up his father’s corpse, and ripped the Chuck Taylors off his worm-riddled bones. What better way to capitalize on your old man’s legacy than to slap a “lil’ ” in front of his name, wear his severed head around your neck on a silver pendant, and release watered-down beats and by-the-numbers rhymes that wish they were even half as inspired as the original Eazy’s were? That’s about as extreme as I can imagine.

The rebirth of gangsta rap? You’d think it would have to die before it can be reborn. I guess no one told 50 Cent. Quite frankly, the original Eazy E wasn’t that brilliant in the first place (especially compared to Dr. Dre), but this sacrilege makes the man look like a fucking genius. Not since JFK Jr. has a man so milked his dead father’s name for a vain attempt at totally undeserved success. A lil’ piece of advice there, junior: WEAR A CONDOM!

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