Lithops Mound Magnets

[Thrill Jockey; 2006]

Styles: IDM, experimental techno
Others: Mouse on Mars, Microstoria, Oval

Vital input:

Jan St. Werner. He composed it. Between 2003 and 2006. Good years to compose. David Maljkovic did the cover artwork. Nice silver and gray architecture. Half of Mouse on Mars. Jan, not David. Important to note Jan isn't a saint. Nor a female. He's from Düsseldorf. A dork from the dorf. Kidding. He's no dork and nobody calls Düsseldorf "the dorf." Prior press photo shows Werner sliding off a smooth bench seat. Song titles tend toward neologisms.

Opinionated input:

The feel of incompletion. Abruptness. The flickering of a light. A foghorn exhausting its final blow, an engine its final sputters. Icicles as IVs. Igloos as echo chambers. Now dance. Can you keep your footing on a sheet metal factory floor in Düsseldorf? A mound of magnets has a lot of pull. Hardy har har. Faint traces of his Mouse on Mars work. Heavy smears of his solo catalog. A man was killed with a pair of ice skate blades.

1. Opposite of Windward
2. Cephalopod
3. Evacoda
4. Vortext
5. Stakes Barrier
6. Peek
7. Harpoon Point
8. Stratografic
9. Conturn

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